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Spinach Artichoke Dip –CLEAN EATING!

A healthy spinach artichoke dip? You got it! This dip was half gone before I could snap this picture before devouring the rest. I just started eating cottage cheese a lot lately because I have been feeding it to my 9 month old. I mix it with fruit for her breakfast sometimes. I take a bite, she takes a bite, and we go back and forth. It’s high in protein and she’s always super hungry. Well, she loves it! It has also helped her tummy because it has probiotics similar to yogurt. Who knew?! Anyways, cottage cheese is great protein and therefore great for weight loss and curbing appetite. It is overall an amazing food.

Anyhow, I got this CRAZY idea to make a spinach artichoke dip using cottage cheese instead of mayo and all that unhealthy stuff the dip normally consists of. Well, TRY THIS. Trust me. It was so delicious, I started immediately calling people telling them to make it. (I have never done this before.)

Here is the SIMPLE and HEALTHY recipe….

Sautee half a bag of fresh organic spinach, half a can of chopped up artichoke hearts, and freshly crushed garlic in a little bit of coconut or olive oil. I used the Pampered Chef garlic press to release the fresh garlic flavors into the dip. I love this thing. It leaves me smelling like garlic for days, but who cares? Not I. 🙂

I then mixed the warm veggies in a glass mixing bowl with a container of cottage cheese. I added half a cup of shredded cheddar and about 1/4 cup of parmesan cheese. I added about 1 tsp. of pepper. There you have it– Spinach artichoke dip!

cottage cheese spinach artichoke dip

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Going Veggie Once Per Week!


Ok, so I may not be a vegetarian. I grew up in a household of carnivores. My dad hunts and fishes and wears camo (hunting attire), so 90% of the food I ate as a child was meat or fish. Why do I love veggie burgers? Well, they are good for you. And I’m not talking about the store bought ones. They are usually loaded with sodium and may not be the healthiest (or cheapest things out there). I have learned to love veggie burgers because of the way they make me feel after I eat them: energized, light, and healthy. I try to do vegetarian at least once a week for the health benefits.

I don’t have some really good “after” pictures because I was pretty much starving after attending the New York Food Festival and ate them immediately.

Difficult to make? No. Time consuming…. yeah kinda.


  • Whatever veggies you like (rice, black beans, sweet potatoes, corn, green peppers, yellow onion, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, spinach). Make sure to drain them completely. You don’t want your patties to be a mush fest.
  • 1 or 2 eggs (When you cook them they will solidify)
  • spices (fresh garlic, chilli powder, hot sauce, crushed basil, thyme)
  • bread crumbs or flour to hold your dough together better. I used a mix of bread crumbs and corn meal.
  • Chill your dough in a covered bowl in the fridge so it hardens, then form into patties… similar to hamburgers.
  • Fry them in olive oil or another healthy oil on medium until browned on each side and cooked all the way through.

Helpful Tip: Try to drain as much water as you can prior to chilling the dough because otherwise they are too mushy and hard to form into patties to cook. Example/ I shredded my peppers, onions, and garlic in the food processor then drained all the excess water into the sink.

How to serve? However you want….

If it’s black bean and rice, you could serve it over lettuce with salsa and sour cream.

If you want more of a “burger” feel to it, you could eat it on a roll like a normal burger!

Also, they are great leftover or to take in your lunch.


Above:  chopping up the raw ingredients. I later added drained black beans, corn sliced from the cobb, and seasoned multigrain rice.

I then took all my random ingredients and cooked it for about 15 minutes on low and mushed it up into a nice batter.

This was basically a HUGE experiment, but it worked out nicely!


I took the batter and chilled it all day. Came home, took it out of the bowl and formed it into patties. I fried them up and served!

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Clean Eating

Clean Eating

Here is a dish I made after reading a lot of various articles on clean eating. Clean eating seems to be the up and coming food trend for a healthy lifestyle. With obesity so high in our country, people are finally discovering that all the processed garbage we’ve been putting into our bodies is causing heath problems. I could have predicted that one, but it’s really deceptive when you look at labels that say things like, “Low Fat” or “Fat free” or “Low carb.” Basically, people need to go back to the good ole’ days when grandma made food, like REAL food. No cutesy diet foods, prepackaged meals, hamburger, powder cheese insta-meals. Just eat real food!

frozen mahi mahi (Costco)
I let it thaw in the bag for 15 minutes in warm water in a bowl.
Sauteed the fish over medium-high heat using lemon pepper, fresh garlic chopped, and in olive oil.

brussell sprouts (fresh)
chopped off the ends and took off the outer leaves. rolled in olive oil and garlic salt. Sauteed in pan covered over medium-high heat, flipping periodically.

lime shrimp (premade from Costco in the salad section)

pineapple salsa over mahi mahi
I chopped fresh pineapple, green pepper, and hot red peppers. I heated it up in the pan after cooking the mahi. I added some premade salsa to the mix that I had in the fridge.

I like a lot of different flavors, so I sprinkled some feta cheese and Blaze (also from Costco) balsamic glaze over the dish at the end!

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